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GC-M810-M6 Operation manual of MARTINDALE friction tester (6 groups)

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This machine is used for dry and wet abrasion test of textile materials.


Under constant pressure, the sample is clamped on the grinding head and rubs against the selected abrasive. The relative motion between the abrasive and the sample forms a complex cycle diagram (Lissajous diagram) with friction in all directions. After a certain number of times, the damage phenomenon of the material is evaluated

Application Industry:

It is suitable for testing leather materials, pu-coated, artificial leather and textiles in shoe industry, leather industry, automobile interior decoration industry, clothing industry, luggage and handbag industry, scientific research laboratory, commodity inspection and arbitration, technical supervision department, etc.

Test reference method:

The use of this machine can refer to the following test methods:BS-3424GB/T 20991ISO 5470-2:2003ISO 20344ISO 12947-1GB/T 19089GB/T 3903.16SATRA TM31(STM 605)DIN 53863ASTM D4966-1998ASTM D4966

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