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         In the world of sporting goods, adidas has always represented a special status symbol, which some people call "the three lines of victory". Since its establishment in 1948, adidas has helped countless athletes to create good results and achieved many great achievements. Therefore, Adidas can also be said to be the best example of a collection of people's trust and respect. As we all know, especially in the world of football, adidas has received more support than any other sporting goods manufacturer. 
         Adidas products have undergone a series of repeated tests and tests. In recent years, Adidas products have not only made new breakthroughs in design and function, but also set off another trend in the fashion trend with the representative three line design concept, sweeping the current young new generation, forming a new fashion style, leading the global sports goods to a more diversified vision.

         GCI (Dongguan GCI Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., formerly GEECISE company, is "GCI" after the 12th anniversary of its establishment) As well as domestic and foreign well-known brands of products and its surrounding products testing, provide equipment and technical services. In addition, it also provides online testing equipment for all kinds of industrial standards, such as GB & Bs, textile, ABS, ABS, etc. Suitable for dyeing and finishing test, shrinkage test, all kinds of color fastness test and so on.
2019090323272568.jpg      The company adhering to the "Science and technology to lead the future,  HongChuang also works with you" the purpose of "sincere 



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