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GC-M859-E6 Operation manual of IULTCS friction tester

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This machine is developed by the color fastness Committee (FEK) of the Swiss Leather Association (veslic). It is mainly used for testing leather properties such as dyeing fastness and abrasion resistance under wet and dry friction tests. It can put several pieces of samples at the same time and achieve the purpose of multi sample testing by moving the position of the friction head.

The standard specification of this machine is also approved by iulc.

Design principle:

The test method is that under the specified pressure (500g or 1000g), a reciprocating friction test is carried out on one surface of the leather with the specified wool felt block, the specified number of times is tested, the color change of the wool felt block surface and the leather surface is compared with the gray card, the grade is determined, and any visible change or damage on the leather surface is recorded.

Note: in the process of side test, due to the migration of colored substances, such as coating, pigment, dye, dust, leather surface and other possible reasons, wool felt will be polluted to a certain extent.

Application Industry:

It is suitable for testing the performance of leather products in shoe industry, leather industry, automobile interior decoration industry, clothing industry, luggage and handbag industry, scientific research laboratory, commodity inspection and arbitration, technical supervision department, etc.

The use of this machine can refer to the following test methods:SATRA PM173:1995

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