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GC-M801 Operation manual of TABER abrasion tester

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This machine is suitable for wear resistance test of various textiles, leather, carpet, rubber, plastic sheet coating, paper, floor tile, plywood, glass, plastic sheet, natural rubber, etc.

Design principle:

The test method is to cut the test piece with the specified standard cutter, use the specified type of grinding wheel, and load a certain weight to wear. When the test material rotates, drive the wear wheel to wear the test material. Take out the test piece after the specified number of revolutions, observe the condition of the test piece or compare the weight difference before and after the test.

The use of this machine can refer to the test methods: DIN53863.2/53754/53799/53109、ASTM-D3884、ISO5470-1;TAPPI-T476﹑ASTM-D4157、SAE J365、Citroen standards。

This machine is widely used in Adidas GE-28 Taber friction standard.

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