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QB/T 2537-2001Leather test for colour fastness -- Colour fastness to reciprocating rubbing

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Take out the felt from the water before use and squeeze out the water to make the weight of the felt about 1g. This standard is revised as: remove the felt from water before use. Place it in the middle of four absorbent filter papers (two at the top and two at the bottom, and the test surface is in horizontal contact with the pool paper), and then place a weight of (9001 + - 10) g on the filter paper for 1 min to squeeze out the water, so that the weight of the felt reaches about Ig. It is verified by experiment. The added content can meet the requirements of iso11640, at the same time, the tester can adopt a unified test method and operate more accurately. Reduce the error of the test and ensure the consistency of the test results.

2) 6.4 is the same as the description

3) In 7.2, "for suede leather and similar leather, due to the influence of large friction, the weight-bearing block is not loaded during the test, and the total weight of the test head is 500g." the content is a note in ISO 11640 standard. Combined with the actual situation in China, it is regarded as the formal article of the standard for easy use, and the content of "including front garment leather" is added.

4) Appendix A of ISO 11640: 1993 international standard recommends the test methods for instruments and materials used in this test method standard

Commercial sources; Appendix B describes the names and numbers of IUF international standards related to this standard. This standard is not cited.

The test results of this standard are consistent with those of QB / T 1327-1991 test method for rubbing fastness of leather surface color

It is not comparable.

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