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Brief introduction of the use method of personnel safety inspection instrument

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Relevant enterprises and industries have regulations on safety appliances. The main requirements are as follows:

(1) The appearance of safety appliances should be inspected before use, and a special person should be responsible for keeping them, and they should be inspected when they are taken back after use.

(2) According to different appliances, regular tests (electrical test, mechanical tension test) should be conducted; some safety appliances should be tested before each use, such as insulating gloves should be subject to sealing test and visual inspection to see if there is air leakage, crack, damage, etc.

(3) Insulated operating rod, electroscope and measuring rod: the allowable voltage should be consistent with the voltage level of the equipment. Before using the electroscope, check the correctness of the electroscope on the electrical equipment.

(4) When using the electroscope, you should wear insulating gloves and gradually approach the electroscope until the electroscope makes an alarm sound, prompts light and "crackling" discharge sound.

(5) Check whether the portable short circuit grounding wire is in good condition before use. In case of loose strand, broken strand, seriously damaged sheath and broken clamp, it is not allowed to use.

(6) Auxiliary safety appliances can not be used directly under high pressure and should be used together with other safety appliances.

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