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Significance of safe use and management of laboratory equipment

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1. All large-scale instrument equipment and facilities in the laboratory are responsible for the person who is responsible for their use. The use of them shall strictly abide by the acceptance and registration system. When lending and returning, the project leader and laboratory instrument administrator shall jointly check the integrity of the equipment and facilities, and sign the registration form; if the acceptance is not good, the party in charge of the problem shall be responsible.

2. All instruments in the laboratory shall be managed in separate rooms and open for use. The test instruments suitable for outdoor use shall be managed by the laboratory, and open services to all scientific research personnel inside and outside the school. The use of the project entering the room (in principle) will not be charged. For non indoor project use, only the cost and service fee will be charged, which shall be used to compensate for the maintenance of instruments in the laboratory, supplement of consumable parts of the instrument, and the renewal of accessories.

3. All kinds of instruments and equipment must have operation cards for user operation. If the operation of the instrument to be used is uncertain, the instrument administrator or relevant expert must be consulted; any user must first understand the performance and operation procedures of the instrument and equipment before using any instrument, and then go on the machine after being checked by the laboratory instrument administrator; the operation of the equipment must be strictly followed, and the operation procedures of the instruments must be strictly followed, and the operation procedures of the instruments must be strictly followed, and the operation procedures must be strictly followed, and the operation procedures must be forced on the machine or not in accordance with the operation regulations , will be regarded as illegal operation, and all consequences shall be borne.

4. The laboratory shall be equipped with full-time instrument management personnel. As an instrument manager, one should be familiar with the performance, operation procedures and precautions of all instruments in the laboratory, the general troubleshooting of each instrument, and the third, the common sense of calibration and maintenance of all instruments in the laboratory.

5. The system of operation record of instrument and equipment must be strictly implemented, and the operation status and switch time of the instrument shall be recorded. If the records are not timely, the use qualification shall be stopped once found.

6. If any fault is found, it is the duty to report to the administrator or laboratory director immediately. It is strictly forbidden to dispose, dismantle or adjust the main components of the instrument without authorization. Any person who disassembles the instrument by itself will be punished seriously once it is found. After use, cut off the power supply and water source, and all kinds of buttons return to their original position, and do well in cleaning work and lock the doors and windows.

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