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What should be paid attention to when operating instruments and equipment in the laboratory?

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Precautions for laboratory equipment operation

1. When using the instrument and equipment, read the technical manual carefully, be familiar with the technical indicators, working performance, use methods and precautions, and operate in strict accordance with the procedures specified in the instrument manual.
2. The first time the instrument and equipment personnel must operate under the guidance of skilled personnel, and can operate independently only after they are proficient.

3. The instruments and equipment used in the test shall be arranged reasonably, placed neatly, and easy to operate, observe and record.
4. Before the power on of electronic instruments and equipment, ensure that the power supply voltage meets the specified input voltage value of instruments and equipment. Instruments and equipment equipped with three wire power plug must be inserted into the power supply socket with protective grounding to ensure safety.

5. When using instruments and equipment, the input signal or external load shall be limited within the specified range, and overload operation is prohibited.

6. Optical chemical instruments and accessories should be handled with care to prevent vibration. Do not touch the surface of the optical glass with your hands. When dust and dirt are found, it is not allowed to wipe it with hands or cloth. It must be removed with special products or special tools.

7. Some instruments and equipment are not suitable for operation in magnetic field or electric field. Shielding measures must be taken to prevent damage to instruments and equipment or reduce measurement accuracy.

No load operation must be carried out before use to ensure that there is no fault before loading. Lubricate before use, wipe clean after use, pay attention to daily maintenance.

9. Instruments and equipment are not allowed to be disassembled or disassembled for use at will. If new functions need to be developed or renovated, they should be implemented after the examination and approval procedures are fulfilled according to the hierarchical management authority.

10. The instruments and equipment shall be maintained frequently and stored in a dry and ventilated place. If the instruments and equipment are waiting for a long time, they shall be powered on regularly to prevent dampness and mildew from damaging the parts of the instruments and equipment.

11. Establish regular calibration and calibration system for technical indexes of large precision and valuable instruments and equipment, and maintain due technical indexes. Make good use of the original records.

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