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St-300 leather softness tester for instrument design

St-300 leather softness tester for instrument design

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This instrument is precise and durable, with high accuracy. It is specially used to test the softness of leather, such as shoes, furniture, clothing and other leather materials. A small pneumatic control valve with a certain load is used to apply force on the probe, and it falls down at a certain speed to naturally press against the leather clamped on the test stand. The softness index of the leather is read out by the pointer on the pressure arm.

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ST300 Softness Tester



The ST300 is a means of  determining the softness of leather without defacing the hide or skin, and  doesn’t require samples to be cut from leather prior to testing.  This enables a  quality system to be set-up between supplier and customer whenever leather  softness is a priority.  Analogue and digital versions available.  Designed by MSA in conjunction with BLC Leather Technology Centre.

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