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  •  GC-D206 
  • Shoe Back Bag Height Gauge

Shoe Back Bag Height Gauge

      The rear package height gauge is equivalent to STD 206 of SATRA
      The height of the top line of the shoe at the back and quarter will affect the fit and comfort. If the back height is too low, heel slip may occur when walking. If the quarter, especially the lateral quarter, is too high, the topline may rub the ankle.
      STD 206: an instrument designed to measure the height of the top line above the insole surface
      Sit down and check whether the shoes meet the requirements. It can be used for all sizes of shoes and includes an adjustment that allows the measurement and positioning of a quarter of the height to change correctly with the size of the shoe. It can be easily changed as needed to measure the left and right shoes. For measurement, the measuring instrument is placed in the shoe on the seat insole. This is a simple but accurate device and provides complete instructions and tables to give the measurement positions of adult and children's shoes. It is electroplated to prevent corrosion.
      STD 206 is compact and measures 80 x 40 x 135mm high.

  •  According to standard:
  • SATRA,ISO...
volume (L × W × H):80 x 40 x 135mm

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