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  • Servo Control System Universal Testing Machine

Servo Control System Universal Testing Machine

      This machine can test the tensile, compression, bending, shear, relay, peel, tear... And other tests of rubber, plastic, leather, metal, nylon thread, fabric, paper, aviation, packaging, construction, petrochemical, electrical, vehicle... And other materials. It is the basic equipment for quality control, incoming material inspection, physical property test, mechanical research, and material development
      The highly rigid body structure is not easy to deform, and the precise servo motor, ball guide screw and other transmission components can provide stable testing speed. The powerful computer system provides complete testing functions, and various material tests can be carried out with different clamping fixtures.
      It is widely used in Adidas Laboratory Manual (footwear) st series standards, fgt-08, fgt-13, fgt-19... Standards.

  •  According to standard:
  • ADIDAS ST-01~21、FGT-08、FGT-13、FGT-19;DE 17161- 00;DIN 51221;ASTM D638;NIKE、ISO...
capacity:10kN (multiple types)
test travel:800mm (without fixture)
Effective use width:425mm
hardware safety protection:upper and lower limits Emergency stop button protection
machine power:driven by servo motor
transmission mode:precision reducer and ball guide screw can greatly reduce noise and transmission loss, Increase transmission efficiency
speed range:1 ~ 800 mm / min can be set by yourself (set by computer numbers)
force sensing device memory lock:it can remember various relevant parameters, and its parameters will be automatically changed when changing different sensors, without making other settings
inchable lifting:with
fixture:can cooperate with relevant tests, and purchase
power supply:1 ∮, AC220v/50hz, 6A
volume (L × W × H):84 × 58 × 151cm
software functions:1. The maximum data acquisition frequency can be set to 300Hz
2. Operation mode: all tests are controlled by the keyboard and mouse, and the fixture position can also be adjusted by the machine's fast lifting keys
3. Operating platform: windowxp/vista operating system
4. Color picture with Chinese and English display
5. Operation mode: USB interface bidirectional transmission, the computer directly controls the machine action
6. The operation screen can display the test data for many times at the same time
7. Units can be selected in metric and imperial systems
8. The table is flexible, and you can plan the data location by yourself
9. The name of the data can be set by yourself
10. Data display, graphic display or simultaneous display can be selected for the test screen
11. Data processing: can store, call, list, compare, etc.
12. Graphic methods include force elongation, force time, stress-strain, etc.
13. It can test tensile, compressive, fatigue, bending, peeling, spring, self-test and other tests
14. You can correct the deformation of the machine by yourself, so that the test data will not produce errors due to the micro deformation of the machine
15. Software protection: over travel and over capacity protection

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