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  • Leather Softness Tester

Leather Softness Tester

      This instrument is precise, durable and highly accurate. It is specially used to test the softness of leather, such as shoes, furniture, clothing and other leather materials. Use a small pneumatic regulating valve with a certain load to apply force to the probe and fall at a certain speed to naturally press the leather clamped on the test seat, and read the leather softness index through the pointer on the pressure arm.

  • Leather Softness Tester
  • Leather Softness Tester
  • Leather Softness Tester
  •  According to standard:
  • IULTCS, IUP/36;EN ISO 17235:2002...
Load:530 ± 10g
scale value range:0.1 ~ 10 mm (measured 0.1mm~7.6mm)
standard leather:1 piece (diameter 60mm)
test diameter:35 mm, 25 mm 20 mm each
Zero plate:1 (minimum diameter is 60 mm, used for zero gauge)
volume (L × W × H):47.5 × 13 × 17cm

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