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  • Shoe Bending Waterproofness Tester (heel)

Shoe Bending Waterproofness Tester (heel)

      This machine can be used to test the dynamic waterproof performance of all kinds of finished boots and shoes. Put the shoes on the tester, put a certain depth of water into the water tank to contact the shoes, the tester will push the forefoot of the shoes to bend at a certain angle and frequency, simulate the walking state of human feet in the water to test, and measure the water permeability time and bending times required for water to penetrate into the shoes from the outside of the shoes, or measure the water permeability in the shoes at the specified time or bending times.

  • Shoe Bending Waterproofness Tester (heel)
  • Shoe Bending Waterproofness Tester (heel)
  • Shoe Bending Waterproofness Tester (heel)
  •  According to standard:
  • SATRA TM 230
control and counter:hmi+plc
test quantity:2
compressed air:Minimum 6 bar
bending speed:30RPM
bending angle:8 ° or 16 °
tank volume:400 × 200 × 200mm
power supply:1 ∮, AC220V/50Hz, 1A
volume (L × W × H):85  ×  65 ×  85 cm
weight:60 kg

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