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  • DIN Abrasive Paper (germany)

DIN Abrasive Paper (germany)

      Imported from BAM, Germany. It is used in conjunction with DIN wear resistance test. Before the wear resistance test of shoe material (rubber), the DIN standard glue provided by our company should be used to check whether the sand particles meet the test requirements. If they are too sharp, please correct them with aluminum blocks. If they fail to meet the standard wear requirements after several times of use, they must be replaced with a new piece of sandpaper In Adidas ge-27 DIN friction Is specified for use in the standard The Reference Material(BAM-E002) delivered by BAM. Working Group "Elastomers and Reference Materials" (6.31), is prepared for test purposes and tested in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005
      The Abrasive Cloths Number 12093 to 12104 are in conformance with ISO 4649, Annex A.
      They are stamped with the following marks:
       BAM (producer)
       Abrasive Cloth (article)
       ISO 4649; Annex A (standerd;clause)
       Number: XXXXX (number of cloth)

  • DIN Abrasive Paper (germany)
  • DIN Abrasive Paper (germany)
  • DIN Abrasive Paper (germany)
  •  According to standard:
  • ISO 4649-2002;DIN 53516;DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025;GT/T9867/SATRA TM174、BS-903...
size:40.5 × 47.5cm, 60\td>
package:5 sheets / group

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