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  • TABER Wear Tester

TABER Wear Tester

      This machine is a Taber wear tester, also known as Taber wear tester, Taber wear tester, and Taber wear tester. It is used for the wear resistance test of various textiles, leather, carpets, rubber, plastic sheet coatings, paper, floor tiles, plywood, glass, plastic sheet, natural rubber, etc. The method is to cut the test piece with a standard cutter, wear it with a specified type of grinding wheel and load a certain weight. When the test piece rotates, drive the wearing wheel to wear the test piece. Take out the test piece after reaching the specified number of revolutions, observe the condition of the test piece or compare the weight difference of the test piece before and after the test It is widely used in Adidas GE-28 Taber friction standard.

  • TABER Wear Tester
  • TABER Wear Tester
  • TABER Wear Tester
  •  According to standard:
  • DIN53863.2/53754/53799/53109、ASTM-D3884、ISO5470-1;TAPPI-T476﹑ASTM-D4157、QB/T-2726...
diameter of worktable:Ф 110mm
Speed:Commonly used 60/70rpm, or controller setting
Controller:plc + touch screen
Load:250g, 500g (when adding 250g weight), 1000g (when adding 500g weight)
maximum thickness of sample:20mm
Power consumption:18w (excluding vacuum cleaner power)
power supply:1∮,AC220V/50Hz, 1A
Volume (L × W × H):45 × 26 × 32cm (excluding vacuum cleaner)
Weight:15kg (excluding vacuum cleaner)

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